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We Create Opportunities and Leverage Growth

A collaboration of professional traders Lecio Resmini & other members: who not only have vast amount of market knowledge and experience, but also a hunger to help other to become succesful through trading.

Here at BG trading we wanted to be different. We wanted to show our members what REAL trading looks like. Rather than waste time and money with various strategies and techniques that sometimes are only to take money from traders, we educate on short and medium term swing trading, by using our proven method BGS 20 Strategy.

Despite the challenges and the hard work that lies ahead for any new trader, there are also handsome rewards for people who are patient, disciplined and work very hard. These rewards are not just financial, but also with regard to freedom and flexibility with your time and lifestyle. Trading can be done from anywhere there is an internet connection, which makes this a truly special and unique business. Here at BG Trading we know all about the flexibility of this wonderful industry, because Lecio and his partners have frequently traded from around the world in such places as New Zealand, Brazil, US and Europe to name a few.

Investing for over

10 years



What We Do

Our goal at BG TradingĀ is to build a trading community: made by traders, for traders. Most of our clients come through word of mouth, which per se says a lot!

We pride ourselves in being upfront and honest with our traders, whether that means a $5,000 winning day trade orĀ  or a $1,000 stop loss trigged. We want them to see how trades are executed and how to enter at the right time with clear exit in mind. We also want them to handle the many different scenarios that the stock market can throw at you. It is to this end that Jared and Anmol created

Here at BG Trading we believe that stock market is a great way to generate cash flow, but not to invest forever. The ultimate investment for us is and always will be real estate. We use trading to pay off all our mortgages and acquire further assets over the long term.


Lecio (Les)

Lecio (Les)

Chief Analyst


With strong inbound sales and marketing experience, he has been focused on helping small entrepreneurs to maximize their sales and profit on their businesses thorough our businesses mentoring program at Background Coffee and coffee distribution B2B.

Lecio also has strong experience in maximising capital throughout investing in several different asset classes such as shares, property and my own businesses.