Sector: Consumer Cyclical

Strategy: BGS 20 Strategy

Sentiment: ⬆️ we remain positive and bullish in our position despite this short term drop due lockdowns.

AMA Group is a Vehicle aftercare and accessories market, including smash repair shops, automotive and electrical components, vehicles protection bull bars and other servicing workshops for brakes and transmissions.

Company has been highly affected by COVID-19, SP fell incredible 97% on Covid-19 lockdown, making a great recover so far and currently trading 49% down from its pre-covid level.

The company managed to normalise FY20 EVITDA, better than anticipated going into COVID-19 and now all the states are currently operating at or near pre COVID levels.

The company’s Growth Strategy includes:

πŸ‘‰ Market share growth via consolidation in panel repair;

πŸ‘‰ Expansion via integration of vehicle parts sector;


βœ… SP still 40% lower than Pre-Covid levels at the last death cross. (See chart)

βœ… SP has been bullish since April, with SP in clear uptrend

βœ… The volume on downside has increased, which is negative, ideally we would like to see a bounce back from the current levels.

βœ… Consumer cyclical is a sector prompt for recover in 2021.

🚩 Heiken Ash has weakened on way up and start showing a short term bearish formation.

🚩 SP has definitely been affected by last few lockdowns in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Provided a vaccine proves effective and the thread of lockdowns are gone, we have no doubt SP should reach new highs.


🟑 75c is a critical level, ideally we would like to SP holding above and bouncing back to new highs.

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