(Asx: OPY) | OpenPay | Analysis

Nov 5, 2020

Sector: Financial Services 

Requested by a member of Growth and Sell Strategy for Share Traders Group

* Full disclosure: We don’t hold this stock and we have chosen to trade Z1P instead OPY).

In September 3rd we have issued an analysis for Open Pay and we have highlighted the yellow circle 🟡  which soon has become a bearish intersection.

We also used BGS 20 Strategy indicador showing that if the SP was doing a bearish intersection, then a stop loss protection would be a must if we were trading this stock, we even indicated the protection and the stop loss of $3.3. 

📄  Read full analysis using the link bellow.


Well, the stock price fell well bellow and it is now trading on bearish area.



Full FY20 investor presentation (use link bellow)


✅  Volume has been substantially decreasing over the downturn since the SP hit the double top formation.

✅  Heiken Ash shows two consecutive green candles showing the down trend has weakened.

✅  SP is now doing a bullish interaction on EMA

🚩  Descendent triangule formation in the stock is helping pushing SP and it has tested $2.5 levels couple times, likely to test again if follow the pattern movement highlighted in white on the chart.

🚩  EMA and SP are still trading on bearish territory (under SMA). 

🚩  We wouldn’t buy if we already have exposure 

✅  Despite the competition fundamentals shows another strong quarter performance, despite the worldwide economic slowdown, and steady growth on the businesses operations.

Overall, we have 3 indicators showing that SP could be about changing direction, therefore putting OPY a buy opportunity at the current levels.

If we were buying this stock now we would be looking for bullish intersection of EMA on SMA over the next 2-4 trading days in order to be protected from a fall. According to BGS 20 Strategy any buying made bellow SMA, setting up a stop loss is a critical countermeasure, in this case a stop loss under $2.5 is critical to protect capital.

Hope it helps and good luck!


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