(Asx: SCG) | Scentre Group | Attention for Bearish intersection.

Oct 28, 2020

Opportunity to cut short profit of 1.75% from the buying price and protect from a possible further fall.

On 23rd August we posted on the Buy, Grow and Sell Strategy for Share traders group, to be buying SCG at $2.09 with a target to sell at $2.5, the stock only reached at 13% and has loss momentum.(See post bellow)


We have today noticed that the EMA is just touching SMA, and a strong pull down on Heiken Ashi indicador has been noticed.

We still believe the stock has good potential to reach the target, however as per BGS 20 Strategy KPI’s as SP + EMA interacts SMA means that a sell indicador have been confirmed.There is not yet, any reversal indicador showing the price is to recover.


Note that although we have been investing in the Australian Stock Exchange and other markets over 10 years, even through this is a VIP HUB anything you read within this group is NOT financial advise; it is general information only and we strong recommend to consult a financial adviser before making any investment decision that could have significative impact on your wealth*