You probably have only been hearing bad things about FOMO and often members are asking us what is it as they read it everywhere.

Well, FOMO is the “Fear of Missing Out. FOMO is much more often present in our lives than simply when we trade. FOMO keep us from connecting with people. Often people are sitting on the table at home with family scrolling social media rather than interacting with their partners.

FOMO ultimately keep us from achieving our goals. Everyone at some point has postpone to achieve a goal, by hang out with friends, having pizza, watch a game, rather than preparing for a meeting, or for an exame, or even keeping on diet, then invariably we realise that we have made a terrible mistake.
Generally, we have a big hit of stress on the stomach and what was once enjoyable we cannot long enjoy anything, all we think about is what we should be doing, or what we should have done and a terrible feeling of failure takes over.

Studies found that keys to be happy is connection and accomplishment.


FOMO has been affecting humans forever.
The roll of technology has been playing a big role on this in the 21st century.

Now, more than ever we have the ability to connect instantaneously with people all around the world, but there is limit to on how much we can connect.

Studies found that people that over connect are more likely start suffering the streams like higher anxiety and stress.


Well, we cannot! FOMO is a natural alarm, it compel us to live better, to love better to live more. We cannot avoid FOMO, but we can identify what is it telling us. What we need to do is to understand FOMO and use filters to identify healthy levels of it.

Say for instance, we all wouldn’t be investing on stock market it wasn’t for FOMO, seen friends, colleagues investing and staying out.

We have leaned to control our FOMO on stock market that by turning off distracting technology that will help, but won’t fully solve.

We also learned that consistency is the key to minimise FOMO, we only have consistency if we are able to use the same metrics all the time, metrics that will guide us through the decision process regardless what the other medias says, in share trading this metrics are what we call BGS 20 Strategy. Avery position we close, we are grateful by making the profit we have initially aimed for.